Why Us

Intricate work of embroidery

im1The intricate work of embroidery reflects the superior craftsmanship of our artisans who make use of their creative talents to create masterpieces. We present to our customers products that have hand work embroidery in which a lot of labor goes in as these have intricate embroidery and minute detailing. These fabrics have been appreciated for their impeccable and fine embroidery and the intricate work.

im2Eco-social friendly

The introduction of environmentally friendly embroidery

Specialize in Appliqué work

im3Applique is an ancient cultural art using fabric. The designs created can be for clothing, items of religious significance, banners or quilts. We at Gala Vision specialize in appliqué work to create art work that celebrates our culture and history.

Finest quality raw material

im4So as to provide our clients with quality product we make sure that the raw material used are of the finest quality. As such, we emphasize quality control right from the beginning, i.e., the raw material inspection and the in-line inspection.

Ability to accomplish bulk orders

im5Our sound infrastructure and highly creative craftsmen enable us to accomplish bulk orders efficiently. We take orders in bulk from our clients and make sure to complete the work in a stipulated time frame.

Customized Services

We have been a preferred choice of our clients due to the following attributes:

  • Unique design
  • Timely delivery of consignments
  • Superior quality

Also we take customized orders for Gretting cards, wedding cards and Wall frames. According to our clients we have expertise in any type of appliqué work jobs.

In house dizitiging

We have expertise in the art of dizitiging embroidery works. The designing section where we design the layouts of embroidery works according to the customer's discerning needs. We know, embroidery is an work of art which demands creativity, innovation, originality of idea and in-depth knowledge about needles and threads. Our each design is designed from the production point of view.

Competitive prices

we have acquired tremendous success in satisfying varied needs of our ever-growing customers. Gala Vision is highly committed to offer only the best quality embroidery design products to its customers, at reasonable price, even using thread and other premium quality raw materials

Our Strength

We have a highly skilled team of artisans who blend imagination, digitalized techniques and needlework to discover the boundaries of this mesmerizing art. With ample amount of experience in this field, we have developed our expertise in creating embroidery designs with style and ease, improving our clients’ turnaround time and increasing their profits.

Health and Safety

Gala Vision provide employees with a safety and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, ensuring at a minimum reasonable access to purified water and sanitation facilities, Fire Safety, First aid box, Electric Shock Preventer with the help of an automatic tripping switch system, Rest room, etc